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Clearly Positive?


What does Clearly Positive mean?

For me it means being clear in your own mind the importance of remaining positive in life. Life is hard with it’s ups and downs but for me there is a simple fact that always keeps me going. If I am lucky to have air in my lungs then I should be able to deal with anything with optimism and a smile on my face.

Now I know no one is perfect and I more than most realise that it’s not always easy to remain positive and happy through my personal circumstance. However after the difficult times we had faced I was always able to take stock of what had happened and turn my mindset around to a more positive one. This I feel is important otherwise I could easily spiral down into a very dark and miserable place.

I try to strip life back to it’s basics and remove the little silly worries that day to day life gives me. If me and my kids are happy and healthy then life is good.

I believe if you are clear and positive about life you will be able to live a very happy and fulfilled life

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  1. carolyn says:

    I am full of admiration for you and send my warmest good wishes

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