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Poem about Helen


A Poem about Helen


Helen was her name and everyone knew

That she was a strong individual and a fighter through and through


She had a special spark not many people have

A beautiful smile, sense of humour and a magnetic laugh


Her skin so soft, her hair blonde and silky

You would notice her in the room as she’d be the one being silly


She led her life with energy, grace and passion

And was such a caring young woman with so much compassion


Her dreams were fulfilled with marriage and a family

And she loved us all unconditionally and lovingly


Our beautiful Helen has been taken too soon

But you will see her star up in the sky near the moon


The hardship she experienced was not her decision

But she battled through it all with one simple vision


That she wanted to be with the people she cared for

Her husband, children, family and quite simply nothing more


The difficult times never took away her personality

As she still made us laugh as she faced her mortality


She was the most perfect person, mother and wife

And the 7 years we had together was the time of my life


Helen is gone and she will be missed forever

But she still lives on in her children Marley and Olivia


2 amazing children we made so perfectly

Both full laughter, fun and always happy


Our time together has now come to an end

But I will never forget my beautiful wife and best friend